Digital Design Management: Creative business campaigns with a lasting benefit for you.

Granted, “Digital Design Management” may at first sound a bit complicated, however it describes exactly the essence of what I want to convey: Intelligent digital marketing. I will delve into your current distribution and marketing situation, match it to your company goals and use this information to derive creative marketing processes. The objective is to get prospects excited about what you have to offer and to win them over as customers.

Three’s a charm: Management – Design – Technology

At the end of the day, all your customers see is an outstanding campaign that works across all channels (website, e-mail, social media) and devices (laptop/PC, smart phone, tablet) and directly touches them. It is an open secret, however: Individually created content beats one-size-fits all marketing. This will require new work processes, a suitable IT infrastructure and concerted software development.

This sounds pretty straightforward at first. The obstacles, however, will show up pretty soon thereafter. Success requires for various business units and people to work together closely and at eye level. This may lead to the occasional conflict.

On the other hand, friction generates heat. It is exactly this energy that I, as a digital design manager, will tap into for your digital marketing. Workshops and creative processes ensure that everyone involved stays right on target and identifies with the project and its success while remaining dedicated to its outcome. But, believe it or not: Your customers feel the amount of “heat” generated by your team and your marketing efforts.

Digital business of the future: Now is the time to set the course

A newsletter here and there, some Facebook and the same message on Twitter, just to be safe – honestly? This won’t sweep your customers off their feet.

Product innovations, videos, images, success stories – you have so many interesting things to tell your customers. But not all at once and not always right away. Digital business calls for a strategy, a certain mindset in the company, appropriate tools and matching processes. Experts like me call this digital transformation.

There is more than content though A balanced cost-benefit ratio is essential for you and your customers. What is to be done if the digital tools don’t harmonize with one another? How do you decide if and what new software purchases will be made? To obtain substantiated guidance during the selection and introduction of sustained and future-oriented marketing tools is affordable and allows you to benefit from the advantages of marketing automation .

Leverage your employees’ potential. Workshops will support to get them motivated and on board. Creative brainstorming sessions deliver fresh ideas for digital marketing processes and campaigns. This, too, is a part of my services offering.